If you went to summer camp as a kid, you know what an incredible influence it had on your development. For many campers, it’s their first time away from home, and it can initially be scary and even make them homesick. But then the other kids share their feelings, and friendships develop quickly. Counselors provide the leadership and camp provides the fun. There is no time to miss your family when you are climbing on the ropes course or riding a horse for the first time! The memories and life lessons that campers experience helps transform a little kid into a young adult. It isn’t just the memory of performing a skit at campfire, or sleeping overnight in the woods, but it’s also learning to put your clothes away and keep your cabin clean.

Max and Marion Caldwell were two people who understood this more than most. The Caldwells, affectionately known as Uncle Max and Aunt Marion to thousands of Kennolyn campers, influenced the lives of children for over 60 years. Before they died, they wanted to make sure the summer camp experience would remain available to everyone.

So, in 2002, they created the Max and Marion Caldwell Foundation. The next summer, the first camper arrived at Kennolyn Camps with the assistance of money donated to the Foundation. This summer, the Foundation will support over 30 children at summer camp! If you want to help send kids to camp, read the pages on this website and learn how important your gift is to children who otherwise couldn’t afford to go. Then, support the Max and Marion Caldwell Foundation, and help send a kid to camp.