Meet the dynamic MMCF Board of Trustees and Executive Director, who work tirelessly to plan programs that help send kids to camp.


President / Trustee

Clare’s Kennolyn journey began in 1972, when she and her brother John were first campers for 6 weeks (younger brother Eric joined them a few years later). After several summers at Kennolyn, Clare attended Specialty Camp as an Equestrian Camper. Thereafter, she went through the Counselor-in-Training program, and for countless summers worked on staff, teaching riding, vaulting, horsemanship, animal care and skin diving.

For many years, even after embarking on a career in software for philanthropic organizations, Clare took 2 weeks off each season to direct Equestrian Camp. Then, from the late 1990s through 2005, she was able to spend full summers back at Kennolyn, as Assistant Camp Director.

Clare and her husband, Drew Barringer, who also worked in philanthropy, helped get the Caldwell Foundation up and running. She joined the MMCF Board in 2010, and took over as President in 2020. Currently, she is a director at Magnitude Software, and (after a 6 year stint in London) lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.


Secretary / Trustee

After serving on the MMCF Board for 6 years, Stefanie took a short hiatus to focus on family, and recently returned as Board Secretary and newsletter contributor.   A second generation Kennolyn camper and counselor, Stefanie attended Kennolyn’s Hi-Camp, and later returned to work as a counselor.  These days, she keeps busy with her 3 children , and spends her spare time serving on their elementary and middle school boards.  Stefanie feels so fortunate that her kids now get to attend Kennolyn!  Her mom, Rise Berry, was a Kennolyn camper, counselor and Director of the Counselor in Training program, as well as a long time MMCF Board Member.



Britt hails from the Corralitos hills in south Santa Cruz County.  She first attended Kennolyn for an Easter Camp session in 1970, at the age of 8.  A horse enthusiast, she began taking lessons with Dick Wood in the “Hi-Camp” arena thereafter, and has remained a passionate equestrienne ever since. Thank you Dick!  

Britt attended camp every summer through 1974, when she met fellow horse lover and close friend (and bridesmaid at her wedding) Clare Schneider.  Britt returned to Kennolyn as a counselor and riding instructor in 1981, and in 1993 served as Equestrian Camp Director.  That summer, she lived in the nurse’s cottage with her husband, Joe Haselton, and their one-year old daughter, Celeste.  Later, in the early 2000’s, Celeste and her younger sister Alecia became campers. 

Currently, Britt is a real estate broker and owner of Haselton Properties in Soquel.  She also assists as an attorney at her husband’s law firm, Haselton, Haselton & Liddicoat, LLP in Soquel and Menlo Park.  She loves to ride the gorgeous trails of the Santa Cruz mountains and coast, and enjoys travelling, attending cultural events and hiking with her husband, Joe, and black lab, Duke.  She looks forward to serving on the Max and Marian Caldwell Foundation Board and helping more kids attend camp!


Treasurer / Trustee

Along with his brother and 2 sisters, Doug spent 4 summers at Kennolyn Camps in the early 1960s.  He knew Uncle Max and Aunt Marion not only as a child, but also as a parent!  From about 1995 to 2006, Doug’s kids were campers at Kennolyn, and the whole family also attended together as Family Campers for about eight years.  His daughter was married at the Hacienda, where Hi-Camp used to operate, and his son (and fellow MMCF Board member) Scott worked as a camp counselor in 2008.

Doug graduated from UC Berkeley in 1975, became a CPA in 1979, and has owned his tax practice in Menlo Park for over 40 years.  He was invited to join the Foundation Board in 2006, and has served as Treasurer, preparing the tax returns and financial statements for board meetings, and managing the MMCF investment portfolio.

Kennolyn is a special place for Doug and his entire family.  He is passionate about helping children attend camp, and wants every kid to experience its magic.



Scott was a Kennolyn camper for eight years and a Kennolyn counselor in 2008. He joined the MMCF board in 2015, helping to create a new database for tracking donors and donations.

Scott runs a tech-consulting business in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in data analysis, development, and sales-territory design. He is also a musician with a rehearsal and recording studio in South San Francisco. He lives in San Francisco.



Joanne was a Kennolyn camper, Specialty Camper, CILT, CIT, JC, staffer (and everything in between) for 12 consecutive summers (a couple of which her pony and her horse attended camp as well!).  After a career break, she returned in 1996 (straight from a Kennolyn wedding in the UK) to co-run the riding program, and has been back most summers since, whether for a few days or a few weeks.

For many years, Joanne enjoyed an eclectic career behind the scenes in entertainment as a personal assistant, and as coordinator of special events, concerts, and award shows in the US and UK. Currently, she works as a voice actor, project manager, writer/editor and graphic artist.  She produces campaigns, gala programs, playbills and books, ghost-edited a celebrity autobiography, and is an award-winning fine artist and writer.

Joanne developed lifelong friendships at Kennolyn, her home away from home!  She has traveled extensively and lived and worked in the UK, where she has second family thanks to camp.  She is passionate about the camp experience and honored to serve on the MMCF Board.


Executive Director

Pam is the Founder and Executive Director of the Max and Marion Caldwell Foundation.  She essentially grew up at Kennolyn Camps, starting as a camper at the age of 5.  Today she is the General Manager, and oversees all of the camp and event operations.  She pays special attention to ensuring that the programs stay relevant in today’s world, while remaining true to the vision of her grandparents, Uncle Max and Aunt Marion. Pam is a graduate of UC Berkeley and has an MBA from Georgetown.  She lives with her husband Joe and three daughters (all Kennolyn campers) in Menlo Park.



Hannah was born and raised in California, and attended Smith College in Massachusetts and The London School of Economics.  After graduating, she returned to California and worked at Kennolyn.  In 2003, she joined her father’s company, Health and Nutrition Technology (HNT), and hasn’t looked back since.  In 2011, she received an MBA from the University of San Francisco, and today serves as CEO of HNT.  She has been involved with the Medical Fitness Association for many years, first as a Best Practice Partner and presenter at conferences.  From 2015-2017, she served as a California State Co-Captain, and became West Region Chair in 2017.

With expertise in operations and planning, Hannah thrives on the opportunity to wear many different hats.  In addition to serving on the MMCF Board, she volunteers as an Alumnae Admissions Coordinator for Smith College.  She is passionate about wellness and teaching kids to cook and eat healthy food that tastes great. From 2010-2011 she had the opportunity to consult with the Chez Panisse Foundation to improve access to edible education nationwide. On the weekends she’s generally found exploring her Santa Cruz, CA backyard – hiking in the redwoods or playing at the beach with her five-year old.